Uphold Personal Hygiene Standards With URXY Cleaning Essentials.
About Us

Cleaning surrounding is not as complicated as it looks like, especially when you have the right materials at hand and are deeply aware of the fact that cleanliness promotes hygiene and good health. 

At New J J Chemicals, we have got you all covered, right from cleaning hands to wearing clean clothes, eat in clean, germ-free utensils and more, with our finest housekeeping products and cleaning chemicals. Started in 2013, our company is now recognized all over the nation as the most quality-devoted manufacturer and wholesaler of Bathroom Cleaner Liquid, Fragrance Floor Cleaner, 250 ML Dishwash Liquid Gel, 500 ML Citrus Fragrance Floor Cleaner, 500 ML Lavender Fragrance Hand Wash, 5 Ltr Glass Cleaner, 5 Ltr Bathroom Cleaner and other products. 
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